Monday, August 6, 2012

New Clinical Element Model Browser Now Available

Research engineers and medical informaticists at the HWCIR have created a new Clinical Element Model (CEM) browser. The CEM browser shows graphical, CDL (Constraint Definition Language) and XSD (XML schema definition) views of the Intermountain Healthcare/GE Healthcare Caradigm Clinical Element Models. The CEM browser is now available for use at

Four folders (or releases) of CEMs are available at the site:
  • Active, consisting of models currently in use by a product/project (currently, two products/projects are using CEMs – the GE/Caradigm product, and the SHARP grant project)
  • Proposed, consisting of models not yet in use by a product/project
  • Caradigm, consisting of models in use by the GE/Caradigm product
  • SHARP, consisting of models in use by the Strategic Health IT Advanced Research Project
A user guide is also available at

Future enhancements and monthly releases are planned. Please send any comments, questions or feedback about the CEM browser to

CDL view in CEM browser
Tree view in CEM browser

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